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NIYAKR is delivering superior products, solutions, and services, and exceeding customer requirements. Recognizing that the marketplace is the driving force behind everything we do, NIYAKR implements effective business processes especially the quality control process that support value creation for our customers. We strictly comply with the requirements of 7S, ISO9001-2008 and ISO14000 system during the whole process of production, such as Raw material quality control system; Production procedure quality control system; Aging, assembly production and finished product waterproof testing; Packaging and loading etc 4 sides control systems to ensure the product to be high quality, the important is many of our products have passed CE, ROHS, CCC, FCC, UL etc certification.


Strict & Standard Production Process.


Shenzhen Niyakr Technology Co., Limited


Shenzhen Niyakr Technology Co., Limited



Advanced Equipment.


Shenzhen Niyakr Technology Co., Limited


1: Quality is the life, NIYAKR is confident in the superior quality of products..
2: NIYAKR has advanced production management and R & D technology and also continue to technical innovations.
3: NIYAKR introduces new industrial automation equipment, and gradually optimize the every aspect of production process.
4: NIYAKR brings in advanced quality test equipments so as to control all raw materials.
5: NIYAKR has its strict set of test methods and test standard.



NIYAKR QC Divisions.


Shenzhen Niyakr Technology Co., Limited


1. IQC(incoming quality control)
IQC is properly done by warehouse and technology department;In accordance with established standards and instrucitons, before large scale purchasing, and mass production of finished products, samples of raw materials are strictly tested, the defective ones to be dealt with, or to forward important IQC to relative suppliers of such materials;all this has done, to ensure that all meets NIYAKR IQC standards and instructions.


2. IPQC:InPut Process Quality Control
Prodution&Tech departments follow strictly the operation instructions of IPQC, which includes:"LED display production instructions", "LED display instructions for glue-filling”, "LED display assembly operation instructions", ect.All of the production employees get strict trainings before going to their work positions, and work instructions must be carried out strictly.

3. FQC: Finish Quality Control
Once the above 2 processes are finished, the FQC is operated, such as "LED display test instructions", "LED display aging test instructions", " LED display packaing operations guidance", ect, to ensure good performances of finished products.


4. Project installation and after-sale service
The Led Display installation strictly conforms to the LED display Installation requirements and operation manuals of Eachin.Once it is completely installed, NIYAKR makes survey of the satisfaction from clients, and makes following tracking for performances of led displays.


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